About Us

Jason Walk – Director

I have been involved in various aspects of Real Estate since 2003, and a local Gold  Coast resident since 2005 .For more than 15 years I have been involved in the customer service industry.
 My guiding principles are service, integrity and results .
Combined with my expert knowledge of the local property market and background in client management, building and sales training I promise to provide you with the best possible real estate experience, attention to detail, knowledge of the market, natural enthusiasm and hard work will be especially valuable to you when it is time to buy or sell.
What I really find rewarding are the lasting friendships that are developed during the process.
 My aim has always been to create an environment where the customer experience is paramount for each person who comes in contact with me or other members of my team at WALK iN REAL ESTATE.
I seek to make them feel special, listened to, cared for and above all respected. I feel privileged by people putting their trust in me.
 I and my team look forward to meeting with many of the local residents and being able to offer a quality professional service.
As a famous person once said “Real Estate is not about houses, it’s about people.”

When you require the services of a true professional with complete transparency, honesty & integrity you will be assured that the team at WALK iN REAL ESTATE will deliver you accurate advice & ultimate results.

Eric Walk – Licenced Director

Real Estate is a challenging industry which requires passion, dedication and training to fulfil customer expectations. Eric brings many years of experience from a Construction and Communications environment. He is willing to utilise these skills and experience to work for you. Eric prides himself on the level of success he has achieved through his attention to detail and dealing ethically and in a straight forward manner in every client encounter.   The team at WALK iN REAL ESTATE’s aim is to provide property investors with the best services to suit their requirements Eric will ensure that your real estate experience is both productive and pleasurable by building a partnership with you.   “This is a market about providing superior service” he says,” The ability to extract, decipher, act upon and most importantly honestly deliver market value is our only truly worthwhile purpose”.   He considers ‘closing’ techniques and other forms of guile secondary in a marketplace where tenants are savvier than ever before.   “Awesome service and appropriate tenant selection are  what add value to property and are the real requirement of us by  Investors today”.   It is these simple philosophies which will provide the growing team at WALK iN REAL ESTATE the profile edge to stand tall in the marketplace moving forward.

” There are no road blocks when you go the extra mile.”

“You see things and say ‘Why?’ but I dream things and say ‘Why not?’” George Bernard Shaw