It’s our people that make the difference

WALK iN REAL ESTATE is committed to offering an exceptional, personalised service in property management. We strive to provide a level of service and communication that allows us to stand out from the crowd and constantly delight our property owning clients.

Our staff are proud of the vital and vibrant role they play as part of WALK iN REAL ESTATE success story.

This approach makes us different. It has helped us become leaders in property management. We believe the landlords and tenants we represent enjoy the benefits of our exceptional and comprehensive property management solutions.

  • We understand and respect the entire property management equation. 
Landlords and tenants receive attentive and dedicated service.
  • A superior level of communication with our clients.
  • Consistency in staff. Wherever possible we try to ensure that you are dealing with the same member of staff so that you get to know each other and we get to understand your requirements and preferences.
  • Professional and innovative property marketing campaigns. Properties for lease can be showcased and marketed the same as properties for sale including prestige photography, copywriting and media exposure through newspapers, full-color print advertising and internet.
  • Our attention to detail is second to none. It’s often the little things that matter. 
All our processes have been refined to make it easier for you – landlords and tenants – to do business with us.
  • Full trust accounting.
  • Our property management team enjoy what they do and take pride in their job. Their work is recognised and rewarded which means a happier, stable team dedicated to support you.

Managing your asset like it was our own…

What’s the point of engaging a property management team if they don’t treat your asset like it was their own? Our goal is to maximise the financial outcomes of your property investment as well as maintain the existing capital through meticulous maintenance and careful tenant selection.

We adopt a very strict screening process, which enables us to establish current and previous tenancy and employment history, as well as screening business and personal references. 

We can also complete a credit check on the tenants through National Tenancy Data Base. 
Once all this information has been obtained, we contact you to discuss the application on its merits, and the final choice of the tenant is your decision.

Care and Commitment

Once you have selected a tenant, our energy and expertise is directed at maintaining your property and ensuring all aspects of the tenancy are handled smoothly and professionally. If something major goes wrong and needs fixing, we will contact you for authorisiation. However we are happy to organise any works to be carried out on your behalf, by a group of trusted, qualified tradesmen who look after all properties managed by our firm.

Routine inspections are conducted on all properties (every 3-4 months). It’s standard practice, but also ensures the tenancy is running smoothly and provides you with a regular update.

Finally, detailed preparation of the condition report is completed by our property managers both at the commencement and termination of the tenancy.

Copies of the Condition Report are signed and exchanged with the tenant and a copy forwarded to you for your records. This ensures that the property is maintained and left in good condition.

Our commitment to you

Walk iN Real Estate is a specialised property management agency, because of this, owners of investment properties are not just another number to us, they are the lifeblood of our business and are treated like they are our only client.

We are committed to giving our clients

  • Maximum returns with minimum vacancy
  • A stress free management experience
  • Regular feedback
  • Up to date knowledge
  • A personalised and high standard of service

We can appreciate as an owner of an investment property, choosing the right agent to manage your asset is a difficult decision to make. We have listed below some of the reasons we believe why we are the right team for the job.

  • We are 100% focused on Property Management
  • We are a boutique agency and will always stay small to ensure our clients receive the highest quality service
  • We are family owned and it will always be the same point of contact!
  • There is no charge to use our services unless we find you a suitable tenant – no tenant, no fee. We have more time to spend on YOUR property; therefore the attention to detail is higher.
  • We will spend time with you on how to maximise your return, whether it is adding value to your property or giving you tips on when to have your lease ending to maximise demand cycle
  • We are professional, efficient, personalised, committed, expert, responsive and proactive

We put our money where our mouth is and offer all our clients our service guarantee, if in any month, you’re not totally delighted with our service, we’ll refund your entire management fee for that month.

















We believe the key measures of our performance, listed below, are in line with property owner’s expectations:

  • Ensuring your property is rented, with vacancy times kept to a bare minimum.
  • Ensuring the rental return on your property is consistent with your expectations and current market values.
  • Rent will be paid on time and the rental income will be banked into the property owner’s account on a predetermined date each month.
  • The Property Manager will make all efforts to ensure the tenant is maintaining the property well.
  • The Property Manager will make all efforts to ensure the tenant’s needs are met so they remain a content and cooperative tenant.
  • Property Managers will provide regular communication about your property.
  • Property Managers will provide a swift response to any needs and concerns that may arise.
  • Taking the hassle out of owning an investment property and minimizing problems by only employing Property Managers who are experienced and professional.
  • Providing this high quality service at a reasonable price.

These are the minimum standards that Walk in Real Estate maintain. They are the minimum standards you, as a property owner should expect when dealing with Walk in Real estate or any other company.

We are acutely aware that the service standards and reputation of the property management industry are considered unsatisfactory to many property owners. Unlike larger franchise groups that trade on mega brand names and volume-based business, we trade on our reputation alone and therefore rely entirely on our service standards to attract landlords. We will not risk our reputation by delivering a poor service. We just can’t afford to and that is your protection.

Having an experienced Property Manager is an essential ingredient in owning a residential investment property. Lack of experience can lead to financial and emotional problems for you, the property owner.

At Walk iN Real Estate our team takes pride in the standard of service we deliver to our clients – we want to be your Property Manager.

The business of managing residential property is something we take very seriously we are conscious we are managing valuable assets.

The responsibility of managing your property should, in our view, rest with Property Managers who have had extensive practical experience, proven they are leaders in the property management industry, have up to date knowledge of the laws affecting our industry and understand and meet the expectations of property owners. That is the Team we have at Walk iN Real Estate.

Finally, it is also our policy that if we are responsible for a problem, we will attend to it and fix it ourselves.

Our service philosophy is simple – to look after our owners and tenants as valued customers.

For information on our services , what your property would rent for or just a sale valuation contact us at 0755 252 733.