Why Choose Us?


We want to manage your property!

Walk iN Real Estate is a boutique agency based on the Gold Coast.  We are licensed real estate agents who choose to focus on managing properties and have extensive, up-to-date experience within the rental industry. We are family owned and will care for your property as we would our own. We will only ever service a select portfolio of clients, thus ensuring that you will receive first-class, personal service at all times. To have your property professionally managed or for a free rental appraisal. Contact us at      rentals@walkinrealestate.com.au      or call   0755 252 733   Our service philosophy is simply to look after your property as if it were our own. This means always selecting the best quality tenants, achieving the highest market rental, ensuring that your property is maintained in excellent condition and providing you with prompt, personalised service at all times. Here’s how Walk iN Real Estate WILL add value to your property investment.

  • Expertise – At Walk iN Real Estate managing a property is what we do. We are 100% focused on managing you property.
  • Personal – Our personal property managers will be personally responsible for managing your investment.
  • Local – We are on your doorstep WHEREVER you are located on the Gold Coast.
  • Innovative – Our sophisticated systems allow us to disperse your rent into your account quickly. We are also introducing an online property management system the gives complete visibility of your statements and important information relating to your property investment.
  • Specialised – Your asset will be managed by a strong team of specialists with specific expertise in all areas of property management including, leasing, maintenance and accounting.


Our service, experience and work systems will enable us to find an appropriate tenant and manage your property to your satisfaction. To back up this statement, we pledge that you won’t have to begin paying us until you have approved a suitable tenant. We are prepared to compete with other agents on the basis that if we find a tenant to your liking, we will get your business. If you have to choose an agent, make it Walk iN Real Estate Property Management!

How we will secure a tenant

  • We will conduct a free rental appraisal using comparative market analysis.
  • We can take internal and external photos of your property.
  • We will list your property on our website at www.walkinrealestate.com.au and also at the Number 1 real estate website in Australia, www.realestate.com.au. These listings will contain numerous internal photographs, and a detailed description of your property’s attributes.
  • We can write a description of the features of your property and arrange for your property to be promoted in the Real Estate section of Saturday’s Gold Coast Bulletin .
  • We can add your property to our vacancy list and produce individual flyers for distribution on noticeboards, in letterboxes, and during inspections.
  • We can organise an open house inspection so various tenants can inspect your property.
  • We DO NOT hand out keys and inspection times are promoted during the week.
  • We can conduct escorted inspections out-of-business hours, between 8am and 6pm, seven days a week.
  • We will provide you with ongoing updates of progress in finding a tenant, including the number of inspections, what the tenants thought of your property and the number of website hits that your property received.

What Do Tenants Look For?

Value for Money – The rent payable for your property compared with similar properties. Location – Proximity to public transport, shops, schools, parks. Absence of Noise – Tenants prefer quiet locations, free from noise of neighbours and traffic. A property in a quiet street is likely to attract higher rent than one in a noisy location. Security – Locks on windows and doors, security screens, alarm system. Sizeable bedrooms – Popular with most tenants. Temperature and lighting – Air conditioning/heating, ceiling fans, the property’s aspect relative to the sun. A light and bright house; not dark and gloomy. Cleanliness – A clean property attracts clean tenants. Age of the property is less of an issue than its cleanliness. Tenants are responsible for handing back the property in the same condition in which they received it. Everything works – This includes taps, sliding doors, the oven. Owners must ensure everything included with the property is safe and working properly. Low maintenance – Timber/ceramic floors and an easy-to care-for garden. High-maintenance garden might be neglected.

Finding the right tenant

Once a tenant has applied for a property through WALK iN REAL ESTATE we conduct a thorough application check.              The checks that we complete are: Rental Reference – We require that all prospective tenants inform us of the details of their previous two addresses. If they have rented properties before, we will contact either the agent or landlord and have them fill out a rental reference. We will also ask them to attach a copy of the rental ledger. The ledger is the one piece of information that does not lie. It shows when the tenants paid rent, if they were ever in arrears and if they ever lost any of their bond. If the property was rented privately through the landlord, we will also complete an ownership search to confirm they are indeed the owner of the property. Employment Reference – We require that the tenants provide us with details proving how they can pay the rent. These include bank statements, pay slips, employment contract, etc. If the prospective tenants are currently employed, we will contact the employer to confirm details are correct. If the tenant is self-employed we will request a letter from the tenant’s accountant to ensure the tenant is in a financial position to pay the rent. We also cross-reference all information given, conduct a background check of the prospective tenants to ensure they can meet their financial obligations to you. Once an application has been approved, we will prepare a lease.

The entry condition report

The entry condition report is the record of the condition of the property prior to the tenants moving in and must be completed prior to that event occurring. This report is used to establish the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy for subsequent comparison of the property’s condition when the tenants move out. All agents prepare this report. However, the thoroughness of the report can vary greatly among agents. Such a report prepared by Walk iN Real Estate and normally takes 2-3 hours. However, this can increase significantly depending on the style of property. Once the tenants sign the lease, they have three days to examine the report and make any amendments that they feel are necessary. Once the tenants have returned the completed report, it acts as the basis to the exit condition report conducted at the end of the tenancy. Any damage that is not in the condition report but is noted at the end of the tenancy agreement would be the tenant’s responsibility (excluding fair wear and tear). The tenants would then be responsible for the repair costs or compensation for the damage.

How do tenants pay rent?

No excuses for late rent payment.

  • Property Rentals tenants have the convenience of paying their rent by Direct Deposit.
  • Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Payments are made over the internet for total convenience.
  • There is no charge to tenants for this method of rent payment.

Minimising the risk

Zero Tolerance arrears policy.

  • Consistent daily follow-up with phone calls to all tenants in arrears.
  • Immediate action and appropriate breach notices are issued when required.
  • Vigilant procedures and a “ZERO TOLERANCE” approach.

Arrears Management

Walk iN Real Estate download rental payments on a daily basis (business days). This allows us to see any tenant arrears from the start. When tenants are in arrears we contact them on a daily basis to follow up and find out why they haven’t paid rent and when their next rental payment will be made. Loss of rent is one of the main claims made under a landlord insurance policy and our strict arrears management procedure is aimed at protecting your rental payments. Days 1-7: Daily phone calls are made to tenants to follow up their arrears and confirm when we can expect their next rent payment. No further action can be made until the 8th day. Day 8: A Form 11 “Notice to remedy breach” is issued to the tenants on the 8th day. This gives the tenants 7 days (plus postage time) to rectify the arrears problem. We will also continue with our daily follow-up procedure during this time. If the breach notice expires and the tenants have not rectified the problem you have the choice of either terminating the agreement by issuing a Form 12 ‘Notice to leave’. You may decide that you do not want to force the tenants to leave. In this case, we will either attempt to put them on a payment plan or contact the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) to start a dispute resolution request. The RTA will then act as a mediator between the tenants and ourselves. If you decide that you would like the tenants to vacate the property then we will issue a ‘Form 12’ Notice to leave, this will give the tenants 7 days (plus postage) to vacate the property. If the tenants do not vacate on or before the due date we can apply directly to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for an urgent hearing. At the hearing, we will request that a warrant of possession be given for rent arrears. Once the warrant of possession has been given, only the police have the authority to enforce it.

When do Tenants have to pay for Water Chardes ?

Water consumption is a major issue in Queensland. As a property investor and landlord, it is important to understand when you can pass on water charges to your tenants – and when you cannot. More importantly, you should decide how you are going to handle the situation before renting a property to a tenant. Although Walk in Real estate can handle much of this for you, it’s still smart to have a basic understanding.

#1: Premises Must Be Individually Metered

There is no way to pass water charges on to a tenant if the property that they are renting is not individually metered. Therefore, that’s the first thing that has to be taken into account. If you want to hold your tenants responsible for their water charges, you will have to have individual meters installed on each of your rental properties. In the long run, this sort of upgrade could end up saving you a great deal of money.

#2: Premises Must Be Water Efficient

You can’t expect a tenant to pay for their water usage when the property in which they are living is not water efficient. Leaky faucets and pipes and other issues can make a tenant’s water bill unfairly high. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to keep your properties up to par in terms of water efficiency, especially if you would like to pass on water charges to your tenants. It is plain to see why this rule is in effect.

#3: Tenancy Agreement Must Reflect the Arrangement

Like anything else in the world of real estate investing, an agreement in which your tenants must pay for their water charges has to be expressed within the terms of the tenancy agreement. That way, there is never any question or doubt about how things are set up. If you decide to start passing on water charges to a tenant in the middle of his lease, you will have to amend the tenancy agreement and he will have to sign a new one. This is why it’s especially smart to make these changes in between leasing periods.

In the event that a unit is individually metered but not water efficient – yet the agreement states that the tenant must pay for his water charges – you and the tenant must come to an agreement about what constitutes reasonable usage. Any amount over that will be the tenant’s responsibility. All of this must be outlined in the tenancy agreement. Otherwise, arguments and disputes could arise down the road. To keep things simple and easy for everyone, then, it definitely pays to keep everything as clear as possible. It’s just one more thing to keep track of as a responsible landlord.

Vacating Information


Allow approx. 2 hours to complete the Exit Condition Report with the Property


–     Remember, this needs to be done when the carpet is at least reasonably dry.

–     the dwelling must be completely empty.

Make an appointment with the Property Manager to complete this report and fill in

and sign the Bond Refund documents

–     The Bond Refund form will not be completed until the final inspection is carried out. Rent is payable until the handover date or until all the keys are returned – the owner is entitled to seek compensation for loss of rent for the period of time if cleaning or repairs are required.

The handover of keys signifies the end of the tenancy and if any work is required to be carried out, it will be by our tradespeople and charged to you. No repair work can be carried out by you, after the handover of the keys.

The RTA will transfer your bond refund to your nominated bank account.


  1. Wall oven, oven racks, griller and trays must be cleaned. Oven dishes should be left in the oven. (Mr Muscle or similar will assist) Check correct light bulb is fitted and working.
  2. 2. Ceramic Glass Hotplate is to be clean and free from (Cerapol GlassCeramic Hotplate Cleaner or similar is recommended – no abrasive material to be used)
  3. Range hood, including filters to be cleaned. (Place the filter in the dishwasher on its own and put through a cycle.) Check correct light bulb is fitted and working in the range hood.
  4. Clean dishwasher and garbage disposal, including door rubbers and filters.
  5. Bath, showers, shower screens, washbasins, laundry tub, and toilets to be cleaned, disinfected and free from soap residue and mould.
  6. Clean all benches and tiled areas.
  7. Clean all mirrors.
  8. Ceiling fans to be cleaned.
  9. Verticals must be cleaned of any marks or grease and in good working order. All vertical chains must be unbroken (available from the office).
  10. Marks to be removed from all walls, including garage.
  11. All wardrobes, cupboards and draws to be cleaned and empty. Cutlery insert in kitchen draw to be clean and left in draw.
  12. Light fittings and light switches to be cleaned and all globes are to be of the correct type and in working order.
  13. All windows and glass sliding doors to be cleaned inside and out.
  14. Clean all windows and door screens – any damage, even minor means that the mesh will need to be replaced. (Do not replace these until all animals have been removed from the premises – if they are damaged again before vacating it is still at your expense)- These need to be replaced in a professional manner (you can obtain a quote from the property Manager)
  15. Clean all door and window tracks.
  16. Clean all window ledges, shelves, benches, skirting boards and doors.
  17. Carpets are to be cleaned by a professional, reputable carpet cleaner authorised by the Property Manager and receipts provided to the office.
  18. Cobwebs to be removed from inside and outside the premises.
  19. Garage automatic opener light in working order.
  20. Wheelie bins to be emptied, cleaned and disinfected prior to vacating.

Excess rubbish (non-food items) may be disposed of at the rubbish transfer station free of charge.

  1. Pet-damage to lawns and gardens must be repaired and all droppings removed.
  2. Clean garage and garage door. .Hose garage floor and driveway and remove oil and grease stains.
  3. Any items that have been broken or damaged are to be repaired or replaced in a professional manner. All repairs should be carried out by a suitably qualified tradesperson. (A quote can be obtained through the Property Manager – it may be cheaper to use their tradespeople)
  4. Where an animal is permitted at the premises, upon vacating, an Interior Flea control is to be carried out by a professional approved by the Property Manager. (This is usually the carpet cleaner after the carpets have been cleaned)
  5. Should animal urine be discovered in the carpet or underlay, it may be necessary for it to be replaced at your cost.
  6. An interior Pest Control is to be completed by a professional approved by the Property Manager and is to be carried out after the carpets have been cleaned.
  7. All traces of cigarette odour and nicotine stains to be removed completely from the premises.
  8. All stickers/magnets that have been attached to any surface must be removed, and if the paint is damaged due to the removal of these stickers, the ceiling or walls may require painting in a professional manner at your expense. (Touch up painting can be quoted through the Property Manager– it is usually cheaper than buying the paint)
  9. The dwelling will not be considered vacated until all keys and garage remote controls are returned, and rent will continue to be charged until then. Any keys cut during tenancy must be handed in on vacating.

Most items needed for repairs can be organised through the Property Manager.

Should you decide to use your own tradespeople, including carpet, pest control, and cleaners, please note, that any problems with the work will have to be rectified between you and the tradesman before handover. Please make sure that your tradesman have ABN numbers and write out a Tax Invoice. Copies of all receipts are to be provided to the Property Manager.

Should the exit condition report reveal a discrepancy with regard to cleanliness or damage, this will be charged to yourselves. These charges can be avoided by having an early exit report completed, allowing time to rectify the problems. Once the keys are handed in, this is no longer an option. Rent may be charged until the property is returned to an acceptable state.


As per the Residential Tenancy Act, the tenant/s forwarding address is required. Disputes over bonds are referred to either mediation at the RTA or directly to the Small Claims Tribunal. Extra charges may be incurred if the matter is heard at the Small Claims Tribunal.


Do not forget to arrange to have your telephone and power disconnected at vacating. Did you consider that getting a professional to clean the premises you are vacatingmay make your move so much easier. Contact the Property Manager for the cost before you decide. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Notify your change of address to:

  • Post Office for mail redirection
  • Your bank
  • Electoral Roll
  • Department of Transport, for car licence and registration papers
  • Taxation Department
  • Insurance Company, to transfer your contents insurance
  • Life Assurance Company
  • Car Insurance Company
  • Health Insurance Company
  • Lodges, benefits and other societies
  • Club membership secretaries
  • Publications to which you subscribe
  • Stores where you have accounts
  • Relatives, friends and regular correspondents
  • Social security and government departments, advising them where to send payments.


Outstanding Rent should be paid prior to vacating

Any charges if you have broken your lease

Carpet Cleaning

Pest Control

Flea Treatment (if you have had a pet on the premises) Cleaning (optional)

Water Usage

Any repairs or replacements for damage caused during your tenancy. (Don’t panic, these things happen – but it may be cheaper to contact the Property Manager for a quote before getting an outside contractor)

Key and garage remote control replacement if you have lost or misplaced them – theProperty Manager can organise this for you.

REMEMBER: The Property Manager is only too pleased to help if you have any queries.

If we can help you save money and us time, we will.

Phone the Office on ( 07 ) 55 252 733 or Email   rentals@walkinrealestate.com.au

Maintaining your investment

Maintaining your investment in the property is our top priority. We will:

  • Carry out regular property inspections, including a detailed inspection report.
  • Take photographs during routine inspections (with tenant’s approval)
  • Contact you about maintenance work required and organise quotes for you, if needed.
  • Use your preferred maintenance contractors or we can recommend professional and reliable contractors.
  • Make payment of all maintenance invoices, relevant body corporate fees, rates and insurance invoices directly from the rent paid by the tenants.

Keeping track of these payments is made easy with Walk iN Real Estate paying your invoices from the rent received

Transferring your property to WALK iN REAL ESTATE

If your property is currently with another agent, we can arrange the formal transfer so that we can manage the property on your behalf to WALK iN REAL ESTATE

1. Authority to act on your behalf: You will need to sign PAMD

Form 20a “Appointment of Agent Form” for your property, and give approval for us to act upon your behalf.

2. Advising the current agent: We will draft a letter for you to sign advising the other agent of the change of property manager. We will then send the letter to the current agent advising of your decision to transfer the management of the property to us. That is the extent of contact you need have with your previous agent.

3. The termination period: Your Property Management

Agreement with your current agent provides for a 30 – 90 day termination period. We will arrange with that agent the date on which the file containing details of your property can be collected.

4. The transfer: Having previously contacted the agent, we will collect the file including all necessary documentation (such as tenancy agreement, bond forms, application documents, condition reports, rental payment ledger) and keys to your property.

5. Keeping the tenant informed: Once these steps have been taken, we will contact the tenants to introduce ourselves Walk in Real estate acting on your behalf. We will also issue them with new rental payment details, determine if there are any outstanding issues and arrange for routine inspection of the PROPERTY

What should new Landlords do?

Before renting your property, you might consider taking the following steps to protect yourself, give you peace of mind and set standards for tenants. Carpet cleaning – Carpets should be cleaned prior to a tenancy, desirably by a professional carpet cleaning firm. The tenants are then responsible to have carpets cleaned at the end of their tenancy. General cleaning inside and out – As with the carpets, the property as a whole should be clean and well-presented from the start of the tenancy. In addition, all lawns, edges and garden beds should be maintained. This will set a standard for tenants to follow from the outset and throughout the tenancy. Keys to property – We are required to supply each tenant with a full set of keys to every lock on the premises. These keys relate to the likes of security screen doors, window locks, padlocks, garage locks and remote controls. We also keep a set of keys for inspections and emergencies. Furthermore, the landlord is required to ensure the property is secure. Appliances/Whitegoods – You may have considered leaving such items in your property (e.g. refrigerator, washing machine, dishwashers, alarm systems). If so and that is your choice, you need to be aware that the owner then has a legislative responsibility to maintain these items throughout the tenancy. This includes replacing such items should they break down.

Service Guarantee

  1. If you leave a message via any direct contact methods (phone, email, fax), it will be returned within one business day.
  2. If your property is vacant, you will be contacted at least once per week with an update and the property will be listed on www.realestate.com.au with all suitable photos.
  3. The full particulars of any tenancy application and the results of our processing will be discussed with you prior to the applicant being referred to you for approval.
  4. Prior to a new tenant entering the property, your Property Manager will inspect the property and complete a detailed entry condition report which will be available to you upon request.
  5. Your Property Manager we will not spend any money on your property without your approval, either from the PAMD Form 20a instructions or on a case-by-case basis. In the event of an emergency situation which is threatening further damage to your property or personal injury we will take appropriate steps to minimise the loss.
  6. Your Property Manager will monitor the rental payments on a daily basis. Any arrears will be promptly actioned and notices issued on the first business day they are due and vigorously pursued to the full extent allowed by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.
  7. Your Property Manager will inspect your property at least once every 6 months or as specified by the PAMD Form 20a and you will be sent a written report.
  8. When the tenant informs us of their intention to vacate the property, you will be advised within one business day and your instructions regarding re-letting will be obtained, either from the PAMD Form 20a or on a case by case basis.
  9. Upon the tenant vacating the property, your Property Manager will conduct a vacate inspection within two business days of receipt of the keys from the tenant and report to you on the condition of the property within the next business day.
  10. You will be sent the rent and a detailed statement, including copies of any repair invoices, within three business days of the last business day of the month.

This guarantee does not apply in the event of a natural disaster, act of war or terrorism, or the interruption of an essential service provider such as electricity, telecommunications, or banking facilities. Business Days are Monday to Friday inclusive.

Signed on behalf of WALK iN REAL ESTATE …………………………………….. Date ……………………………..

Fees & Charges

Fees & Charge Our fee structure is very reasonable for property owners, which means more money in their pocket each week. In fact, our fees are often cheaper than the major franchise groups where you are treated as a number not a person due to their philosophy of quantity over quality, a major flaw of volume based businesses. At WALK iN REAL ESTATE we offer various fee packages suited to investor requirements and expectations . Please contact us to discuss your situation and expectations to arrange a suitable management fee structure . Below is our Standard Fee & Charges package.

We offer you a better service for lower fees.

Rent Collection 5% of the rent collected + GST
Finding a new tenant Equal to one weeks rent + GST
Management 2.0% + GST 1 property % Negotiable + GST 2 or more
Administration $10 per monthly statement + GST
Advertising newspapers and internet At Cost
Renewal of leases 50% of weekly rent + GST
Routine Inspections  Nil per inspection ( min. 2 per year )
Court Appearances $65 per hour (fully claimable under certain insurance policies) + GST

Letting Fee One weeks rent + GST

  • Take digital photos of property.
  • Arrange property description and photos on websites – www.walkinrealestate.com.au and www.realestate.com.au
  • Meet prospective tenants at property for arranged “open for inspection”. We DO NOT hand out keys.
  • Process tenancy applications.
  • Check applicants on Tenancy information Centre of Aust (TICA) database.
  • Arrange ongoing paperwork – tenancy agreement, condition report, etc.
  • Lodge the bond with the RTA.

  Rent Collection and Management Fee 7% + GST

  • Prepare full detailed entry condition reports.
  • Prepare full detailed routine inspection reports.
  • Prepare full detailed exit reports and “vacate” inspections.
  • Lodge all necessary RTA forms.
  • Arrange maintenance repairs.
  • Pay rates, body corporate levies and insurance.
  • Provide end-of-financial-year reports.
  • Check tenants rent payments on a daily basis.

Monthly Administration Fee $10.00 + GST

  • Ensure funds transferred to your account monthly / mid month.
  • Prepare monthly or fortnight statements.
  • Pay postage for the each month’s mailing of correspondence.
  • Payment of accounts being processed.

Maintenance / Repair Fee 5% + GST.  (Valued over $1500 only)

  • Organise quotes for work.
  • Engage contractor.
  • Manage tenant expectations, safety and amenity.
  • Audit contractor quality and progress.
  • Final check & approve upon completion.
  • Payment of contractor accounts .


Let Only Service

Would you like to manage the property yourself ? Walk iN Real Estate is a boutique agency based on the Gold Coast. We are licensed real estate agents who choose to focus on managing properties and have extensive, up-to-date experience within the rental industry. However, if you choose to manage the property yourself we do offer a ‘let only’ service where we find the tenant and you manage the property. We source the highest-quality tenants and you don’t pay us a cent until we find an applicant YOU are happy with. What does Walk iN Real Estate  Property Managers do ?

  •  Take digital photos of property.
  •  Arrange property description and photos on websites – www.walkinrealestate.com.au and www.realestate.com.au .
  •  Meet prospective tenants at property for arranged “open for inspection”. We do not hand out keys.
  •  Process tenancy applications.
  •  Check applicants on Tenancy information Centre of Aust (TICA) database.
  •  Receipt first 2 weeks rent from tenant

Contact us to find you a quailty tenant on 07 5525 2733 or 0416 677 237   or    rentals@walkinrealestate.com.au

Other Tenant Responsibilities

Repairs It is the tenant’s responsibility not to intentionally damage the property and to keep it clean and tidy. Any damage or routine repairs should be reported to our office during normal business hours. Repairs and maintenance due to fair wear and tear is the landlord’s responsibility. If the fault is due to negligence on the tenants’ part, the tenant will be held responsible for the repair costs. Our company will not accept responsibility for the payment of accounts for any repairs undertaken without our prior approval. Only genuine after hours emergencies such as a burst water pipe, electrical breakdown etc. should be directed to our after hours emergency paging service. The tenant may be held liable for the cost of after hours service fees, should the nature of an after hours attendance be regarded as non-urgent. Tenants must not fix posters or additional picture hooks to the walls, make any renovations, alterations or additions to the premises without first obtaining written consent from our office.   Locks & keys   The changing of locks or other security devices are alterations, which must not be conducted without the written consent of the landlord. It’s always a good idea to ensure that you have a spare key in the event that you are locked out. At the expiration of your tenancy, all keys must be returned to our office. If the keys are not returned, the tenant may be liable for the cost of changing the locks.   Gardens & Lawns If you rent a property that includes gardens and lawns, you are required to keep them tidy and free from rubbish. This includes regularly watering and mowing of the lawns and the trimming of lawn edges, the regular weeding of garden beds and generally keeping the garden in order. No household rubbish (such as empty bottles, cardboard cartons etc.) or garden debris should be allowed to accumulate around the property.   Carpets The tenant is responsible to leave the property (including carpets) in a reasonable condition at the end of the tenancy.


If a tenant vacates a property prior to the expiry of their “fixed term” tenancy, the outgoing tenant has a legal obligation to continue rental payments until the expiration of that agreement or until a suitable new tenant can be found to take over the balance of the unexpired term.

The outgoing tenant will be responsible for portion of the re-letting costs incurred by the landlord. Generally, this includes loss of rental,  the agents letting fees, advertising expenses etc. as per a Residential Tenancies Tribunal formula.

Tenants occupying a property on a periodic tenancy basis, may give notice equal to 14 day’s or a single period of the tenancy, (whichever is the longer), in writing to the landlord (or the landlord’s agent) at anytime. For example, if you pay your rent weekly or fortnightly, you are still required to give 14 days’ notice. If you pay your rent calendar monthly, you would need to give a calendar months’ notice.

In preparing to leave make sure that the property will be left clean and tidy. Carpets/floors coverings, walls, woodwork, light fittings, bench tops and surfaces, exhaust fans, mirrors, curtains, windows and flyscreens should be cleaned. Pay particular attention to the stove, oven and griller in the kitchen. Special attention should also be paid to cleaning the bathroom, laundry and toilets when preparing to vacate. All appliances and fittings should be left in good working order for the next occupant. Also ensure that any lawns are freshly mowed, garden beds are weeded and all of your belongings and any household rubbish (such as empty bottles, cardboard cartons etc.) or garden debris is removed from the property prior to the final inspection.



Only the persons notified to the landlord prior to the commencement of the tenancy may permanently reside at the property. You must obtain written approval from our office prior to any change in the occupants of the property. The landlord may not unreasonably withhold consent to you sub-letting the property or assigning your interest in the tenancy. However, the landlord may charge for their reasonable expenses in providing approval to sub-let the property or assigning an interest.

To ‘sub-let’ means that a tenant rents out all or part of the premises to someone else, and in effect becomes the landlord to that subtenant. To ‘assign’ means to transfer a tenancy to someone else.